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Thinking Differently: Your Management 101 Handbook

  Thinking Differently: Your Management 101 Handbook

by Stuart Robbins
Spring, 2013

For the past decade, I have consulted with companies (large and small) regarding problem projects that required turnaround expertise, and in every case, I needed to, first, teach the management team some very basic lessons before, secondarily, taking on the problem project.

In Thinking Differently: Your Management 101 Handbook, I gather ten of the most important (and most basic) topics as a framework for their Management 101 training which most managers and directors have confided that they have never been taught before. Each team ultimately said to me, "Someone ought to write this stuff down " and so, I have...

With individual sections on Decision-making Models, Delegation & Escalation, Problem Resolution, Conflict Resolution, Listening, Communication, Prioritization, and Time, I've included the tricks, metaphors, and lessons collected over more than two decades of management in Silicon Valley, learned from some of the best in the business.

Lessons in Grid Computing: The System is a Mirror

  Lessons in Grid Comupting: The System Is a Mirror

by Stuart Robbins
John Wiley & Sons
New York, New York 2006

Since first publishing his theory that we mirror ourselves in the systems we build, Stuart Robbins has been researching its broader implications to the world of IT, as a profession, as a business, and as a discipline.

In Lessons in Grid Computing: The System as a Mirror, Robbins presents provocative management principles, a guide to the growing complexity of technology for the people (technologists, executives, salespersons, customers) whose personal lives are directly influenced by that technology.

With individual chapters on Virtualization, Abstraction, Identity, Relationship Management, and Organizational Architecture (among others), his unique storytelling method allows the reader to understand the people who live in that world on a personal level, presenting key management principles in narratives about characters that may well remind you of supervisors, employees, spouses or neighbors from your daily lives.

Advance praise for The System is a Mirror:

"It's an excellent piece of work both entertaining and highly incisive..." -- Carlos Recalde, Consultant/Executive Director of Technology, KPMG

"This book is a knockout. I couldn't put it down and loved it from beginning to end. Thank you for the good fortune to read something like this ahead of everyone else..." -- Joe Ruddick, New York editor

"You cannot overlook the potential for genius in this concept." -- Geoffrey Moore, author of Dealing with Darwin

"This book makes for compelling reading...and the insights gradually grow in the reader'smind as they take root in the character's minds." -- Mohamed Muhsin, VP and CIO, The World Bank Group

"Since [Stuart] first identified information systems as mirrors of the people that build them for me, I have seen it operate in many ways. It is a fascinating idea, and a new way of thinking about technology." -- Sean Moriarty, Chief Operating Officer, Ticketmaster

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