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Stuart Robbins Consulting provides management coaching, with customized programs for organizations, teams and individual employees. Organizational coaching includes an assessment of capability and provides a roadmap for improvement. Team coaching often includes practical techniques for improved decision-making, operational excellence, conflict resolution, and organizational change management. Individual coaching is confidential, focused upon key individuals who will benefit from outside counsel as part of their supervision.

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Other Methodologies & Practices


Stuart Robbins Consulting is based upon a "best practices" approach, tailored to the unique requirements of individual clients. During an initial audit, key themes often emerge, and these serve as the foundation for collaborative solutions. Some unique practices (references available) and their underlying principles are:

Executive Advisory Panels
Special sessions with experienced executives are designed to address particular challenges facing an emerging business or management team. These advisory panels include advance communication on the topic, facilitation of the advisory session itself, and documentation of the panelists' "takeaways." Good things occur when smart people are brought together in a collaborative fashion.


The System Is a Mirror
If the people aren't talking, the systems aren't talking. Build a cross-functional team to bridge the gaps.


24/7 Communication
The Internet brings a richness of opportunity, but also an obligation. That obligation, the Ethic of Connectivity, proposes that our ability to communicate seamlessly, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, also introduces a commitment to communicate and respond, as needed. Groups that build and support net-based systems are expected to respond immediately to a customer's request, and Stuart Robbins Consulting is committed to providing the same level of service to each of our clients. However, it is also required that the Ethic of Connectivity allow for a flexible work schedule, to balance our lives and our families, and to keep us in good health (which is a requirement for providing 24/7 service).


Conquering the Digital Divide
Stuart Robbins Consulting is committed to a goal of providing connectivity to everyone, not simply those who can afford the luxury of email and websites. We provide advocacy for each of our clients to identify business opportunities that allow them to expand their charters in those directions that support inclusiveness, a key factor in the enhancement of their business.


Project Audit Methodology
There are several basic steps that must be taken in any project that requires a turnaround - of systems, businesses, companies: you must first determine if there are serious structural impediments that constrain the ultimate success of the initiative and identify them, if they exist. You must then establish clear communication protocols that are immediately enforced, to ensure that any pending changes or alterations are clearly understood. And then you must re-set the customer expectations (trust) that may have been impaired in the past. In this way, an initiative that has gone awry can be given an opportunity to turn itself around.

View the Project Audit Methodology slideshow (requires MS PowerPoint).


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